How Often To Change Synthetic Oil

One way you can ensure that your car, truck, or SUV is always running smooth and safe on Lake Bonavista-area roads is to keep up to date with your oil change schedule. So, how often do you need to change synthetic oil in your car? Depending on the vehicle and the oil grade used, you should plan on having your synthetic oil changed every 12,000 to 16,000 kilometres. Your owner’s manual will have the recommended oil change schedule for your specific vehicle. Learn more about how often to change synthetic oil, and if you find that your vehicle is due for its next synthetic oil change, schedule an appointment at Capital Chevrolet Buick GMC in Calgary.

What’s the Difference Between Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil?

The primary difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil is in the refining process. Synthetic oil goes through a specialized refinement that increases its effectiveness, which is one of the reasons why it typically costs more than conventional motor oil. How do you know whether to use conventional motor oil or synthetic oil in your vehicle? Consulting your owner’s manual is the easiest way to find out what type of oil is recommended for your car. If you are still unsure about what kind of oil your vehicle requires, you can check with the GM certified auto technicians at Capital Chevrolet Buick GMC.

Why Choose Synthetic Oil?

There are several advantages to using synthetic oil in your vehicle, and it is actually required for some makes and models. Some of the benefits of synthetic oil include:

  • Longer Oil Change Interval – Vehicles that require synthetic oil can go as long as 16,000 kilometres before needing an oil change. But again, you should check your owner’s manual to get the specific synthetic oil ischedule for your vehicle.
  • Better at Higher Temperatures – Synthetic oil maintains its viscosity when subjected to higher engine temperatures, which in turn helps it last longer than conventional oil.
  • Better for Performance – Synthetic oil also has a higher resistance to oxidation, which allows it to stay cleaner for longer. If you drive a high-performance vehicle or plan on doing a lot of off-roading near Canyon Meadows, you’ll want to opt for synthetic oil.

Can You Mix Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Synthetic and conventional oil can be safely mixed, but it is not recommended since it decreases the performance advantages of the synthetic oil refinement process. If your vehicle requires synthetic oil, it’s best to stick with that.

How Much is a Full Synthetic Oil Change?

The price of a synthetic oil change will vary depending on the vehicle and the grade of oil used. To get up-to-date pricing information, contact our Service Centre. One of our service advisors will give you a quote based on your car’s make, model, year, and trim. We also offer rotating service specials and oil change coupons that can help you save on your next synthetic oil change.

Get Professional Oil Change Service Today at Capital Chevrolet Buick GMC

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